Our worlds wait for Heroes and Villains to shape them.  Will you become one?

Check out our new game: Hell’s Heist!

We’re Powered by the Apocalypse!  Hell’s Heist is a 25-page PbtA game.  The vengeful necromancer Raxir tore open a portal to hell. Regiments of terrifying demons are marching onto Earth, bent on total destruction. Some Heroes are dealing with that. You have more important business. You have friends trapped in Hell, and the way in just opened.
It’s time to steal some souls.

Hell’s Heist emphasizes collaborative storytelling, with classic heist story beats baked into the mechanics, and streamlined rules.  With 5 Character playbooks and 1 GM playbook, there’s a role for everyone. Speaking of GMs, this game has options for solo or round-table GMing.  The portal is open. The clock is ticking. So, are you in?

The words "Hell's Heist" appear in spiky orange letters against a background of a forest slope in flames

The Fair Folk of Winter are brilliant, dangerous, and keen.  Do you have what it takes to walk among them?

In The Unseelie Saga, Players take on the roles of darkly magical Fae whose actions will decide the fate of the Winter Court. This trilogy of adventures lets you tell the story of darkly magical Fae in a social structure that rewards the keen, the intelligent, and the fierce, as they confront the end of their way of life. In each adventure, the PCs have agency and opportunity to shift the narrative. In the final adventure, Withering Winter, the Players must decide: will they save the Glade, or shatter it?

A crystal-clear pool of ice shines under a full Moon. Icy pillars stand in a ring around the pool at the top of a mountain. Cold shadows are sharply outlined against the snow. A silhouetted figure stands, gazing at the magical sight.

We create role-playing adventures and tabletop games. Our goal is to give you stories with options. Bold and brash or quiet and cunning, cautious or reckless, loyal or traitorous, Heroes or Villains, our adventures let you decide who you want to be today.

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Trumpler 14 nebula, public domain, thanks to NASA and ESA

Stecotta on d20 created by Teresa Guido, © Unformed Worlds 2022

Door to adventure designed by Christopher Smith-Wong

All other images by H. Osborne