New games are in the works!  We’re Probably Gonna Die, Harbinger, Igors, and Wizard’s Tower are among the games we are currently designing. Will they make it through the design gauntlet to beta-test?  Who knows?  Watch this space for details.

A stylized broken egg with a narrow diagonal band of cheerful green and yellow is surrounded by the words "Dragon Hatch" in friendly letters

Dragon Hatch

Match elements to hatch your dragons!  The first Player to befriend 5 Dragons wins.  But beware–your friends may steal your Dragons!

The words "Elements of Strategy" appear in graduated orange-to-blue text with dramatic black outlining

Elements of Strategy

Match wits against your friends in fast-paced duels of the Elements!  Risky wins earn the most points but Players who play supportive combinations may come out on top!


 The free-form game of star formation.  Glowing stacks of dust and gas burst into brilliant stars in this competitive tabletop game.  The Player who ignites the most stars wins but there’s a catch: your new stars may fuel your opponent’s next round of star formation!

All three of these games are now in beta test.  Interested in beta testing?  Fill out the form below.


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