Cypher Adventures and Print & Play PCs

We love RPGs.  We’ve played in many systems and hope to write in many of them as high-quality Creative Commons and Open Licenses permit. 

We’re starting with the Cypher system from Monte Cook Games. Cypher keeps the story front and center, which makes it fun to play in and fun to write for. Whether you yearn for a high fantasy epic, a tragic romance, an autumnal horror, a superhero saga, a tale from history or a glimpse of the far future, Cypher has the tools to make it happen.

Most of our stories are played out over three to four Scenes in 1-2 sessions and come complete with NPCs, maps and/or illustrations, suggested Cyphers and GM intrusions, and, of course, options for taking the path of villainy ruthless self-interest.

We’ve heard a number of players and GMs wishing for pre-generated characters that included character sheets for the higher Tiers. Challenge accepted! Over time, we’ll be releasing sets of pre-generated PCs with sheets for three Tiers each.

All our Cypher-compatible products will be released on DriveThruRPG. Take a peek at our current offerings below!


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The Fair Folk of Winter are brilliant, dangerous, and keen.  Do you have what it takes to walk among them?

In The Unseelie Saga, Players take on the roles of darkly magical Fae whose actions will decide the fate of the Winter Court.  This trilogy of adventures lets you tell the story of darkly magical Fae in a social structure that rewards the keen, the intelligent, and the fierce, as they confront the end of their way of life. In each adventure, the PCs have agency and opportunity to shift the narrative.

Fae are living magic and as dangerous as that sounds. The Unseelie are Fae who are most powerful from the second half of autumn through the first half of spring. Our ideas of Unseelie are colored by the autumn hunts, the gathering of winter stores and smoking of meats, the bitter bite of the winter wind, the crunch of iced snow, the soft patter of spring rains, the brilliance of the hearth-fire and the gleam of the snowdrop.

The adventure begins with Seoithín seó, when the sound of a horn shatters an ancient treaty.  When the hunter’s horn sounds, where will you choose to stand?  In the second adventure, Path to Glory, the Fae realize their home is starting to die. But is there, in all the Glade, an Unseelie determined enough to forge the legend that might save the Glade? In the final adventure, Withering Winter, the Players must decide: will they save the Glade, or shatter it?

Turn your face to the falling snow.  Take a breath.  Follow the call of the raven into the world of The Unseelie Saga.

A crystal-clear pool of ice shines under a full Moon. Icy pillars stand in a ring around the pool at the top of a mountain. Cold shadows are sharply outlined against the snow. A silhouetted figure stands, gazing at the magical sight.

Step aboard the Desperate Measures in A Major Minor Problem, our second sci-fi adventure.  In this two-sided adventure, you can choose to play as the capable crew of the Desperate Measures or as a group of resourceful young privateers striving to save their world. Will you discover the truth in time to stop an explosive ending?

This 23-page adventure includes many PC paths, clever intrusions, eleven fully-written NPCs, a streamlined space combat system, and an optional social mechanic we’re calling parlay.  Running a pick-up or convention game?  Great!  We’ve added a few fully-written Player Character sheets: just print and play!  Take a look at this release on DTRPG.

A Minor Major Problem
A black-and-white photograph of a classic three-story Victorian house, with a covered porch to the left, a bow window on the front, and ornate trim on porch and peaked roof line.

Role-Play Getaway

You and your friends create immersive interactive weekend adventures called “role-play getaways” in your remodeled Victorian home. You set your adventures in an imaginary realm with a rich history and culture that you have created: the realm of Fablos.

On a seemingly normal Friday evening, the latest guests gather in the living room for drinks and snacks. Someone walks down to the cellar for a bottle of wine…to find a real Shambling Dread rising through the floor!

Players take the roles of staff and guests at Autumnwood Inn.  When the lines between fantasy and reality blur, when the monsters come out from under the bed, can you defend your lives and your business?

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Grave Rites

In the realm of Ablia, ghosts, werewolves, and other free-willed undead roam the night freely.  Westkee Graveyard is home to a number of ghosts and supernatural beings.  Now, strangers with shovels are marching onto the property.

It’s time for the dead to rise in their own defense.

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Link to Iridium on DTRPG

Iridium Conundrum

You are the owners and crew of the starship Desperate Measures.  The stars you call home are full of danger, corruption, and opportunity.  With the help of your home-built AI, you find places and moments where you can exercise your skills–at a profit.

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Print & Play PCs!

You’re a busy gamer. Skip the character prep. Just print and play.

Print & Play products include at least 4 Player characters, each written for 3 different Cypher tiers. Special abilities are fully described on the character sheets. Suggested equipment and focus connections that link together the party members are included, making these PCs truly print & play. As always, we encourage Players to change the details. We give you the sheets. The characters are yours.

A Lorenz attractor in shades of red to blue. The foreground twist has widely spaced turns and an open center; the background twist is at a nearly 90 angle and thickly spiraled in color from blue at the center, through dark red, to pale orange on the outside.

Print & Play: Sci-fi

Pho Vaine is an AI designer turned space captain. Jayla Kindle is a former mega-corp tycoon. Cosi Cobalt is an engineer with a taste for life beyond the airlock doors. Vyctor Vex is a cyborg pilot with incurable wanderlust. From planetside to the depths of space, this crew is ready for action wherever mischief, mayhem, and profit combine.

These Cypher- compatible pre-generated Player Characters come with fully written character sheets for Tiers 1, 2 and 3 (total of 12 character sheets). All special abilities are described on the character sheets to make these characters truly print & play. Pho, Jayla, Cosi, and Vyctor will fit in any hard or soft science fiction setting with AI and cybernetics.

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Print & Play: Modern

Steff is a chaotic operator with a dream. Ex-pirate Ty is an ambitious writer. They joined forces with Jay, a versatile actor, and Remy, a hacker looking for a quiet job out of the public eye. Together, this group can run anything from a small business to a large heist and engineer anything from a charity auction to a prison break.

These Cypher-compatible pre-generated Player Characters come with fully written character sheets for Tiers 1, 2 and 3 (total of 12 character sheets). All special abilities are described on the character sheets to make these characters truly print & play. Steff, Ty, Remy, and Jay are designed for a modern, near-real-world setting.

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Image credits

Portals to other realms designed by Christopher Smith-Wong

Photo of the Albert Jackson House courtesy of the Historic Buildings Survey

Lorenz attractor programmed and designed by T. Bogue