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by | Oct 2, 2022 | Chatter | 0 comments

So, there I was, engaged in an epic struggle in communication—in other words, my husband and I were trying to set up the blog portion of this website. We finally got to stage 2: slightly fancier than a single post. And he says, “Put up a second post.”

Uh-huh. Go ahead, just generate some content for me.

I’m a writer, right? I can do that.

With him staring at me in that way that teachers do when you actually feel all your mathematical knowledge pouring out your ear and leaving you stranded.

Fortunately, I have a weapon: humor!

Tom tweaked his back two days ago. By writing this in front of him, I made him laugh until he had to walk away lest he aggravate it. He then walked off and made pungent habanero cheese and crackers and came back to eat it in front of me at an hour which he knows is officially Too Early for Garlic.

We aren’t usually like this. Okay, maybe we are. But we make each other laugh and we get stuff done. Sounds good to me.


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